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Indian Law

“I didn’t need to keep travelling to India and was able to manage everything from here”

HSBS Law Solicitors

“Although my affairs were back in India, I was able to deal with everything here under one roof which made things a lot easier”

At HSBS Law, many of our clients have existing ties and affairs in India. This is often due to a range of reasons, from India being their country of origination to the economic growth of the country making it an attractive destination for investment.

Whatever the reason for your interest in Indian Law, it becomes challenging to manage legal affairs without physically travelling to the country and at HSBS Law, we want to make things easier for you.

How can HSBS Law Solicitors help you?

“They had an extremely strong network back in India which gave my case access to the best expertise”

At HSBS Law, we work closely with our affiliate company based in India (Jalandhar) which provides us with access to a network of experienced practising Indian Law Solicitors/Advocates. Our Director, Balwant Singh and Co-Director / Notary Public, Harbans Singh also specialise in Indian Law.

By leveraging this expertise, we ensure the best legal work is carried out for your case whilst guaranteeing our high standards. Our law firm can offer you various Indian Law services including the following:

  • Succession and Probate (Intkaal)
  • Sales and purchase of properties
  • Looking after property and affairs in India
  • Civil\ Criminal & Revenue Court cases
  • Property Management and Attorney Services
  • Land & Property Disputes
  • Family Law disputes (including divorce, maintenance and child custody)

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