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Balwant Singh

“I can’t describe how much your dedication means to me … ”


Balwant is our Senior Solicitor & Director here at HSBS Law, where he both manages and supervises the Slough & Hounslow offices. Balwant has overall responsibility for the day to day smooth running of the law firm and his philosophy is centred around one thing, client care.

Balwant believes in showing genuine care to every one of our clients and permeates this core value throughout the law firm. He ensures that strict quality controls are in place at HSBS Law so that only the best service is provided and our clients are kept fully informed throughout their journey, leaving us with a smile.

In additional to his legal knowledge, Balwant possesses a strong business acumen from his extensive experience in the commercial and corporate sectors. This enables him to ensure the successful running of HSBS Law in an evolving economic climate.

Balwant is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.


Balwant is a highly experienced solicitor with a rich history and education from both India and the UK. He passed his QLTT from College of Law, London in 1997 and subsequently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, from London. He also holds both BA and LLB degrees from India, where his career initially began.

When it comes to legal specialisation, Balwant believes in both breadth and depth. He specialises in a varied range of law services including: Immigration, Nationality, Asylum, Human Rights, Wills and Probate, Family, Employment, Traffic offences, Conveyancing (both residential and commercial) and Indian Law.

Outside of work

When not in the office, Balwant enjoys keeping fit and going to gym whenever possible. He is also a ‘foodie’ and loves to try new vegetarian cuisines from all around the world.

In his spare time, Balwant is an extremely active member of a charity which strives to create a betterment for local communities and the whole of mankind. He enjoys travelling to a range of places soaked in history and meeting people from all walks of life.