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Notary Public

“I was able to conveniently get my documents & letters notarized in the evening after work”

HSBS Solicitors & Notary Public

“I was able to make an evening & weekend appointment to get my documents notarised which made things really convenient”

Here at HSBS Law Solicitors we are able to provide a full range of Notary Public services, including legalisation at foreign and commonwealth office (Apostle) for both individuals and businesses across our Slough and Hounslow Notary Public offices.

Our Notary Public Harbans Singh also specialises in Indian Law and is a qualified Punjabi, Hindi Translator. This allows HSBS Law to translate, certify and attest a range of legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, Wills etc.

We understand our client’s time constraints and that on occasions, documents may need to be notarised urgently. To accommodate this, we are able to offer both evening and weekend appointments. Please contact us to find out more, including what identification we will require

How can HSBS Solicitors & Notary Public help you?

“I urgently needed to get my documents notarized and they were able to do this efficiently for me”

HSBS Law Solicitor & Notary Public are able to offer services to both private individuals and commercial businesses, please take a look below for more details:

Notarization for individuals

  • Drafting and/or WitnessingPower of Attorney, Affidavit, Declaration, Deed and other documents.
  • Certification – copy documents, photos etc.
  • Change of Name Declarations – Change of Name Declarations
  • Marriage/Divorce – confirmation of single status/certification of marriage certificate/Divorce documents.
  • Adoption – notarisation of documents.
  • Education – certifying degrees and other educational certificates.
  • Immigration/Emigration – Settlement, Working and Studying abroad documents.
  • Sponsoring friends/relatives to the U.K. – Sponsorship Declarations.
  • Wills and Probate – Power of Attorney to inherit property abroad/certification of death certificate.
  • Property (Sale/Purchase) – Power of Attorney/Attesting execution of deeds.
  • Passports – lost/damaged/renewal – Affidavits accompanying applications.
  • Opening Bank accounts abroad – Letters of Authority/Introduction Letters.
  • Authenticating evidence/facts for foreign courts – in relation to marriage/child custody/land disputes/litigation etc.
  • Contracts – preparing and witnessing the signature of

Notarization for businesses

  • Certifying company documents – Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association etc
  • Notarising Certificate – of Good Standing from Companies House, Cardiff.
  • Preparing and witnessing Powers – of Attorney to open bank accounts, register trade marks, set up branch offices, buying and selling property abroad etc.
  • Preparing notarial certificates – Verifying the identity, capacity and will of the company and company officers.
  • Affidavits – for share certificates
  • Legalisation – of documents at foreign and commonwealth office and obtaining an Apostille.

Speak to us for more information

If you’re looking for a Notary Public in Slough (Berkshire) and Hounslow, please contact us. Let us assess how we can help you.