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“When it comes to Immigration, Nationality, Asylum & Human Rights - they are simply the best”

HSBS Immigration Law Solicitors

“When I needed Immigration legal advice I was told that there is no one better than HSBS Law … having seen how they tackled my complex case, I now tell others the same”

Here at HSBS Law we understand that there are many reasons why people wish to enter or settle in the UK and this is a legal service which underpins our law firm at the very core.

We have a renowned history for being specialists in the area of Immigration, Nationality, Asylum and Human Rights Law. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in the most complex of circumstances and this has allowed us to successfully handle a diverse range of cases whilst building up a reputation of success with both individuals and private businesses.

Immigration is an area of law which has been under particular recent spotlight from the Government and is constantly evolving. This is why our team make it regular practice to keep up to date with the changes in policies and rules in addition to developments in case law.

How can HSBS Immigration Law Solicitors help you?

“My Immigration case has various parts to it and HSBS Law were able to manage it in its entirety”

We can assist & advice you in a range of ways, guiding you through the complex immigration rules and requirements. Our director Balwant Singh also has vast experience in representing our clients before the Home Office and also during appeals in the Immigration & Asylum Tribunals, High Court and court of appeal.

Our law firm can offer you various Immigration, Nationality, Asylum & Human Rights services, each of which are explained in more detail below:

  • Application for Entry Clearance (Visas)
  • Points Based System
  • In Country Applications (Indefinite Leave to Remain, British Citizenship etc)
  • EEA National/ family members Applications
  • Appeals & Reviews
  • Human Rights
  • Asylum
  • Corporate Immigration

Application For Entry Clearance (Visas)

There is an ever growing list of nations from which people will require an entry clearance (visa) to enter the UK. It’s important to understand which specific type and category applies to you.

  • Visitor visa – there is one Standard visitor visa for various purposes of visit (such as family, business, getting married or general visit etc. )
  • Spouse/ Civil Partner Settlement visa – if your spouse is present and settled in the UK or is a British Citizen
  • Fiance(e)/ proposed Civil Partner Settlement visa – if your proposed civil partner / finance(s) is present and settled in UK or is British National
  • Unmarried/ Same sex Partner Settlement visa – if your partner is present and settled in the UK
  • Fiance(e)/ proposed Civil Partner Settlement visa – if your proposed civil partner / finance(s) is present and settled in UK
  • Unmarried/ Same sex Partner Settlement visa – if your partner is present and settled in the UK
  • Parent/Other relatives Settlement Visa – applying to permanently settle in the UK as dependent relative of someone who is present and settled in the UK or is a British Citizen.
  • Children Settlement – applying for your child to join you if you’re present and settled in the UK

Points Based System

The Points Based System was introduced by the Home Office in 2008/2009 and comprises of 5 Tiers for those wishing to enter the UK for employment, investment, business establishment and studying purposes

  • Tier 1  – This category includes the following subcategories:, Entrepreneur, Expectation Talent Graduate Entrepreneur, Investor, and General. Applicants are not required to be sponsored by an employer / educational provider or require a formal job offer
  • Tier 2 – This category is for skilled workers who have been sponsored by their employer (Certificate of Sponsorship). Workers may enter to temporarily join their employer’s UK office (from outside EEA) or to fill a gap that exists in the resident labour market. This includes, General, Intra Company transfer, Ministers of Religion and Sports People
  • Tier 4 – This category is for students (either general or child) who wish to study in the UK and have been sponsored by their respective educational institutes. Variations are dependent on the educational course, duration and applicants age
  • Tier 5 – This category includes these subcategories: Youth Mobility, Temporary Workers (Government Authorised Exchange or GAE, Temporary Worker), Religious Worker. Youth Mobility enables young people (18-30) from specific regions to work & live in the UK for 2years whilst Temporary Workers are for those sponsored by their employers to work in the UK on a temporary basis.

In Country Applications (Indefinite Leave to Remain, British Citizenship or Nationality)

To gain UK settlement or nationality status, there is a need to apply for settlement or naturalisation / registration and these are often the most complex of cases.

  • Permanent Residence (Indefinite Leave to Remain) – this application is for those wishing to permanently stay in the UK provided you have lived in the UK for a certain period of time. A ‘Life in the UK’ and English Test will be required
    A ‘Life in the UK’ and English Test will be required
  • British Nationality & Citizenship (Naturalisation) – applying for permanent residence, after which you are entitled to live in the UK permanently and leave/re-enter at any time
  • Applications made outside the Immigration rules – if you don’t satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Rules, your case may be decided based on Human Rights, compassionate and exceptional circumstances by the Secretary of State. This is very complex area and requires detailed analysis of one’s length of stay and their personal circumstances.

European Economic Area (EEA) National Applications

EEA Nationals and their family members are not subject to the UK’s Immigration Rules but have the right to live, work and study in the UK. For these individuals, applications can be made for EEA Residence Cards, Family Permits, Retaining Right of Residence, and Permanent Residence as Family Member of an EEA National or Registration Certificate.

Appeals & Reviews

If your application has been rejected by the Home Office, don’t panic, you may still be able to appeal the decision. We have an impressive record in understanding, assessing and dealing with these cases which has resulted in our high success rate.

  • Appeal to Immigration & Asylum Tribunals up to Court of appeal – if you have been refused entry clearance or in-country application and have been given right to appeal, we are able to prepare the appeals grounds and represent you in tribunal and up to court of appeal .
  • Judicial Review – If no right of appeal has been given, or your appeal has been dismissed we are able to assess your case merits and make an application for Judicial Review

Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 1998 protects the fundamental rights and freedom of every person in the UK. This could include the right to life, the right to respect for private and family life or the right to freedom of religion and belief etc

At HSBS Law we have extensive knowledge of the Human Rights which impacts the fundamental rights & freedoms to our everyday life. We are passionate about protecting our clients rights and if a claim of breach has, or is about to be occurred (e.g. respect for family life), we will use this to support your case, including scenarios of deportation and extradition.


Asylum is the procedure for giving an individual protection status in the UK on the basis that they fear persecution in their home country and they face a real risk of torture, harassment, punishment, inhumane or degrading treatment. Individuals claiming Asylum are required to present a strong case showing that they genuinely fear persecution in their home country. The Home Office require a substantial amount of evidence to prove that the claim is genuine. Therefore, it is imperative to present an ironclad case from the outset to avoid complications.

Here at HSBS Law we understand this is naturally a daunting time and strive to handle these cases with both technical finesse and compassion. We can provide you with advice on your claim and assist you in preparing your application for Asylum. If you do not qualify for Asylum, then we can advise you of other options under Human Rights Law that may be more appropriate.

Corporate / Private Immigration

At HSBS Law, our specialist Immigration team are also able to provide private organisations and institutes both immigration and compliance services in accordance with their strategic business objectives

  • Sponsorship Licence Applications – enables employers to become registered sponsors for Non-EEA Nationals. We will endeavour to ensure our clients receive an A-rating from the start.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship – once an organisation has a sponsorship license, they are able to provide a specified number of sponsorship certificates. We’re able to draft the Certificate of Sponsorship, make the relevant request to the Home Office and provide guidance on the measure that both employers and employees must adopt / adhere to
  • Sponsorship Management System (SMS) – sponsors have a duty to monitor their employee’s immigration status, migration circumstances, general activities, record keeping etc in order to maintain an A Rating. We are able to administer and manage on behalf of your organisation
  • Compliance Audits – The Home Office may decide to visit your organisation premise for an announced / periodic audit, so our expert team can ensure all HR documentation and records related to migrants employees are maintained and ready for inspection
  • Right to Work Check – By employing illegal workers, organisations may face a civil penalty of £20,000 per worker. We are able to assess the eligibility of a non–EAA nationals whilst making employers aware of key measures and checkpoints to adopt
  • Other areas – include Intra Country Transfer (ICT) visa applications, Investors in the UK, UK Border Agency raids and EntrepreneuEndrs / UK start ups

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